Finance your PowerLaser over 3 years, at 0% interest

Or, get up to $900 off if you purchase outright!

Offer ends January 17, 2022, 11:59pm CST). 


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What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is well-established as a fast and effective way to improving mitochondrial health, thereby optimizing the availability of ATP in the cells.

Laser therapy:

  • increases

    • the blood circulation

    • the formation of collagen tissue

  • enhances

    • the immune system

  • accelerates

    • the natural inflammation process

    • the blood coagulation

  • relieves

    • pain and stimulates the formation of endorphins


In short, accelerates the natural healing process.


Laser therapy works amazingly for:

  • sports injuries 

  • repetitive strain injuries

  • chronic pain 

  • skind conditions 

  • and more

Learn more about laser therapy here: Introduction to laser therapy

Get started today! 


  • PowerLaser ProCombo: $194/month

Powerful, compact, portable lasers for precise point stimulation and medium-size areas.

Includes the PowerLaser Pro500 and the PowerLaser Pro1500 – giving you the option to treat either precise points or broader areas.

MSRP: $6995 + tax & shipping

Pictured: PowerLaser ProCombo in hard case. Note: light guide and acupuncture lens are optional accessories.


  • PowerLaser Pro1500: $139/month

Powerful, compact, portable laser, designed for targeting:

  •  Medium-size areas of the body; 
  •  Medium-size muscle groups;
  •  Medium-size surface/skin conditions  

For example: a sprained ankle, lower back pain, arthritis pain in the knee etc.

MSRP: $4995 + tax & shipping

Learn more here: PowerLaser Pro1500



  • PowerLaser Pro500: $111/month

Powerful, compact, portable laser, designed for precise point stimulation, allowing you to target:

  • specific muscles;
  • trigger points or acupuncture points; 
  • smaller parts of the body, like extremities (hands/fingers, feet/toes)

For example: specific tender points in lateral epicondylitis, muscle insertions in a rotator cuff, small areas on the hand etc.

MSRP: $3995 + tax & shipping

Learn more here: PowerLaser Pro500




What’s included?

  • One PowerLaser comes with 2 rechargeable LiIon batteries (the Combo comes with 3) – allowing you to charge one battery while the other one is in use

  • SmartCharger, AC-adapter

  • Shockproof hard case – for easy and convenient storage/transport

  • Instruction Manual for the PowerLaser(s)

  • Laser Therapy Manual – includes protocols for a wide variety of conditions that can be treated with the PowerLasers

  • 2 pairs of safety glasses

  • 3-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects


The fine print:

Loan application approval dependent on approval of credit.
One-time origination fee of $150.
First payment due 30 or 90 days after signing.
No pre-payment penalties at any time, including no future interest if paid off early.
Offer available to customers located in the USA only, through January 17, 2022, 11:59pm (CST).
PowerMedic US Inc. and NCMIC are separate companies.



"You're expanding your ability to help people get better – it’s a tool that I would highly recommend to any chiropractor.”

- Dr. Kris Erlandson, DC

Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic, Viroqua, WI, USA


“I’ve used the PowerLaser for approximately 17 years.

I’ve been exposed to several other products in the marketplace, and I’ve just found over and overthat the PowerLaser is actually clinically the most effective.”

- Dr. Richard Shaker, DC, CCSP, RTP, ACRB

Shaker Spine & Sport Institute, Tampa, FL, USA


“I’ve now had my PowerLaser for about a year and a half, and I simply CANNOT live without it.”

- Catharine Lone Jansen, LMT, LAc

Klinikken paa Chr. Havn, Denmark

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