Introduction to laser therapy

Introduction to laser therapy

Basic introduction to the principles behind laser treatment. What is laser therapy, does it help, is it dangerous, and what happens to the body when it is exposed to laser therapy?
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists around the world use laser as a supplement to other types of treatment, such as exercise and manual therapy.

Laser therapy works very well for both acute injuries and chronic conditions.

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Dermatology and skin care

If you’re a dermatologist, esthetician, or otherwise work with skin care, laser therapy can be a great supplement for your treatments.



More and more dentists are using biostimulating lasers for pain relief and faster healing for their patients.



Biostimulating lasers are used by acupuncturists who wish to offer their clients treatment without needles. Laser can also be used as a supplement to the acupuncture treatment.

GigaLaser abdominal treatment


Treating infertility with laser therapy is a fairly new thing, however, using laser therapy in the treatment of infertility has yielded good results. With the help of a GigaLaser, several couples have become parents after having given up on traditional forms of treatment.

Massage therapy

Licensed massage therapists often use laser therapy as a supplement to other treatments, such as deep tissue massage.



Many reflexologists today use laser therapy as their primary stimulation of reflexology points, or as a supplement to the treatment.


Podiatrists and podologists

Podiatrists use therapeutic lasers for treating tendon injuries, heel spur, wounds, inflammation, and much more.



Muscle, joint, or tendon injuries, acute injuries, repetitive strain injuries – chiropractors around the world are seeing tremendous results with the PowerLaser and the GigaLaser, for the benefit of their patients.


Sports medicine

If you work with sports injuries, the PowerLaser and the GigaLaser are both excellent tools for acute injuries and repetitive strain injuries.



Many veterinarians use vet-laser, laser for animals, in their practice. The effects of laser treatment for dogs, cats, and other smaller animals are faster healing, pain relief, increased blood circulation, and reduced swelling.

Equine laser therapy

Laser treatment is often used for horses, for various types of injuries. The effects are faster healing, pain relief, increased blood circulation, and reduced swelling.

News about laser therapy

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