PowerMedic was founded in 1982 by owner and president Arne Grinsted who has a background in electronics engineering.

It all started with a great interest in acupuncture, which was a fairly new form of treating patients in Denmark in the early 1980’s. Arne was asked to produce a device that would be able to measure the energy in the acupuncture points in the body, do electro stimulation, and affect the cells through laser.

biotron 1000 200The project resulted in a prototype of the Biotron 1000, pictured here.

We no longer sell the Biotron, but there are still practitioners who are very happy with it and use it in their clinics to this day.

In 1985, we released the first Alpha Lasers with a slightly greater output power, up to 10 mW. In 1987, a 30 mW version was introduced, and in the year 2000 the Alphalaser 2000 with 100 mW was released.

alpha 2000 200Later on, the Alphalaser 2000, as pictured below, won a prize for its design.

In 1998, the first PowerLaser was released, in a 300 mW version, and with a design somewhat similar to the design of today’s PowerLaser BASIC.

In 2008, the first GigaLaser saw the light of day, or perhaps rather the light from the 36 laser diodes. The GigaLaser offered new treatment opportunities, with the ability to treat larger areas of the body with a greater output power in a shorter amount of time than previously possible.

In 2010, the first handheld 1500 mW models were introduced, in the form of the PowerLaser 1500, which consisted of three 500 mW laser diodes, the same idea that is behind the newest PowerLaser PRO 1500.

PowerMedic does not stand still in an ever changing world but is constantly developing new models to meet the demands of the practitioners who use the lasers, as well as to adapt the lasers so they can be used for newly discovered treatment areas.

With a laser from PowerMedic, you can rest assured that you have a device that is functionally and effectively on the forefront of development in laser therapy.

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