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arndt schultz lawLaser therapy is added energy to the cells. The biologic effect related to the amount of added energy is described by the so-called Arndt-Shulz law, shown in the picture.

The curve shows that adding a small amount of energy yields a small amount of power, a broad-range medium amount of energy results in a positive, biologic effect, while adding a very large amount of energy provides a biologic inhibition.

This has been well-known for years, but in practice it has been almost impossible to reach the inhibitory part of the curve, simply because the laser devices available were not powerful enough.

ATPEvery problem in the body, acute or chronic, is characterized by a reduced production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is the energy for the cells, which they need to do their job. ATP is therefore necessary in order for the cells to function optimally. Our cells need ATP just like a car needs fuel to drive.

Injury to the body leads to an energy deficit in the cell, which is characterized by a reduced production of ATP. This situation has been re-created in the lab where living cells were put under “nutritional stress”, i.e. they do not receive nutrition during a certain period of time.

peakmeterMore is always better, right? Not always, when it comes to laser therapy. Among scientists, in journals, on the internet, and among the practitioners who use laser therapy, it is a continuous discussion whether you achieve better results when you use more powerful lasers.

caution 300While there is a wide range of indications for the use of laser therapy, there are also a few contraindications to be aware of.

laser til hest annedorthe Laser therapy for horses

 Horses can be treated with laser therapy, a treatment method that is being used increasingly by veterinarians, different types of equine practitioners, such as equine physical therapists and equine massage therapists, as well as private horse owners who wish to shorten the duration of an injury or illness in their horse.

 As with humans, there are different indications for treatment with laser. Below you will find a select number of treatments.

gigalaser red blue 300   Many practitioners are aware that laser therapy accelerates the natural healing process, and many of them also know that light therapy has been used for various healing purposes for many years.

On certain laser models, PowerMedic Lasers combine different types of light to give practitioners new treatment options. 


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