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ATPEvery problem in the body, acute or chronic, is characterized by a reduced production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is the energy for the cells, which they need to do their job. ATP is therefore necessary in order for the cells to function optimally. Our cells need ATP just like a car needs fuel to drive.

Injury to the body leads to an energy deficit in the cell, which is characterized by a reduced production of ATP. This situation has been re-created in the lab where living cells were put under “nutritional stress”, i.e. they do not receive nutrition during a certain period of time.

This leads to an imbalance in the Na+/K+ (Sodium/Potassium) pump and the electric membrane potential, as well as a reduction in the mitochondrial production of ATP. By adding laser light – and nothing else – it has been demonstrated that all parameters have normalized, including an increase in the production of ATP to 100%.

ATP is produced by the mitochondria, which are micro organisms found in every cell in our body. When the body receives laser therapy, the laser light penetrates the tissue, every cell, and stimulates the mitochondria to normalize their production of ATP. This way, the cell receives renewed energy to perform the job it is it programmed to do, that is, to repair every problem that might arise and bring things back to a healthy, natural condition. 



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