Laser Therapy for Animals

laser til hest annedorthe 300Like humans, animals have a natural repair mechanism, which means that injuries heal up by themselves sooner or later. The problem is that it often takes a long time and can result in great discomfort during the healing process.

Fortunately, there is a remedy, in the form of a therapeutic laser at a reasonable price.

The PowerLaser accelerates all of the phases of the body’s natural healing process – commonly said, the course of injury is reduced from weeks to days.

hund laserbehandling 300The effects of laser therapy in dogs, cats, and other smaller animals are quicker healing, pain relief, increased blood circulation, and reduced swelling. With the PowerLaser, you can treat a wound, for instance, in a dog or cat in less than 5 minutes, and consequently accelerate the healing without the use of surgery or medication.

Treatment in less than 5 minutes

With a PowerLaser, you are able to treat smaller animals often in less than 5 minutes, for typical diseases or injuries such as:

Tendon injuries
Joint injuries
Muscle injuries
Wounds and inflammatory conditions
Skin problems
Ear problems
Gingivitis and paradontosis
The laser energy from the PowerLaser affects the cells and releases a number of substances in the body that, among other things, make the tissue heal faster following wounds or injuries. The PowerLaser can also be used post-surgery to accelerate the healing process and lower the risk of complications.

Pain free course of treatment

The treatment is completely pain free, and the animal is treated without anesthesia. The majority of dogs, cats, and horses quickly get used to the treatment, often it is obvious that the animals relax during the laser treatment.

The effect of laser therapy accumulates, and the patient will often require more than one treatment, even though the condition can improve immediately after the first visit. An optimal treatment plan typically consists of 2-3 treatments per week and a total of 6-8 treatments.

If, for instance, a horse has been saddled incorrectly, the subsequent pain may lie deep in the horse's muscles and can be treated with laser therapy instead of, or in addition to, traditional massage.

In this video Veterinarian Surgeon, Mirjam Coert explains why and how she uses PowerLaser in her treatments.

All lasers in Powermedic Lasers' PowerLaser series are suitable for the treatment of animals, however, the 1500 models in particular are often used by professionals. If you're traveling with the laser, we recommend protecting it by storing it in a case with molded foam.


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