The corona crisis is here, and large parts of the world are shut down. This situation is affecting us all.

Many of our customers have had to shut down, either partially or completely . It’s a difficult situation for many people, including practitioners and their patients.

But we’re here when you need us.

At our headquarters in Denmark, and our office in the USA, we’re following the official guidelines to help minimize the spread of the Corona virus, including proper hand hygiene and working from home for the majority of our employees.

In addition, we’re making sure to carefully clean and disinfect equipment when shipping out and receiving.

If you need support, or service of your laser, we’re still available on the phones, as well as in our production and service departments.

We encourage all our customers to first visit our customer support page, which includes FAQ’s, as well as contact forms, repair enquiries, and more.

Take care of yourselves and each other. We’re here, ready to help and support you - as always.

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