Which laser should I buy?

Once you have decided to acquire a laser for therapeutic use, the following guide will make it easier for you to choose the right laser, one that fits your exact needs.

  Home use Profesional use
Acupuncture   PowerLaser PRO 500
Treatment of trigger points PowerLaser Basic 500 PowerLaser PRO 500
Muscles and medium size/large treatment areas PowerLaser Basic 1500 PowerLaser PRO 1500
Skin, surface and large treatment areas PowerLaser Basic 1500 PowerLaser PRO 1500 / GigaLaser
Animals PowerLaser Basic 1500 PowerLaser PRO 1500
Dental   PowerLaser PRO 500

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There is a wide range of applications for the GigaLaser (TM). As the suggests, the GigaLaser is one the worlds largest therapeutic lasers and it is mainly used by professional practitioners. Read more about the GigaLaser here.

The features and benefits of the PowerLaser PRO series are unique on the market for handheld laser therapy equipment.


Common for the lasers in the PowerLaser series is that they are all Class 3B lasers but they are HyperPulsed™, which means that the energy is delivered in pulses with a higher output power. This ensures a deeper penetration and more effective therapy, which is beneficial to your results and your patient’s wellbeing.


PowerLasers run on batteries, which ensures greater freedom for both the practitioner and the patient when selecting the position and the treatment location. The PowerLaser can be used with one hand, and it is easy to bring the laser to different treatment locations within the clinic or out in the field.


The PowerLasers come standard with Lithium Ion batteries, as they have twice the capacity and much longer battery life than traditional NiMH batteries. This results in greater comfort for you and your patients.


The PowerLaser series is designed with a focus on user friendliness, ergonomic use, as well as a simple, stylish and aesthetic Scandinavian design. This means greater satisfaction and signals professionalism.

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