It’s important that medical equipment is always working correctly – both in terms of function and treatment effect. Therefore, we recommend an annual service check of your PowerLaser. The process for the service check is standardized and documented in our quality management system, which is ISO 13485 certified and conforms to FDA 21 CFR PARTS 820 requirements. The process is illustrated below.

Battery and charger for PowerLaser

Extra batteries for the PowerLaser are available so you have the option of charging one battery while the other one is in use. You can, of course, also replace old batteries.

Keep in mind that the Lithium Ion batteries that now come standard with the PowerLasers allow the laser to run much longer in one charge and the battery cells last quite a bit longer than with traditional NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries.


With a light guide, the PowerLaser PRO 500 or PowerLaser Basic 500 can be used for oral treatment.

As a dentist or dental hygenist, you can use the laser to stimulate the healing process of wounds from surgery, as well as treatment of blisters.

Acupuncture lens

With an acupuncture lens attached to the PowerLaser PRO 500 or PowerLaser BASIC 500, the laser can be used for acupuncture treatment instead of needles.

The acupuncture lens is easily attached to the laser instead of the standard diverging lens – simple.

The acupuncture points are stimulated by touching the skin with the acupuncture lens and pointing the tip directly towards the desired acupuncture point. 10-20 seconds, and the point has been treated.

Case, shock proof

Shockproof case made out of hard plastic protects your laser against bumps so you avoid dirt, scratches, and damages to the laser.

Use the case for storing your laser at the clinic or to protect it when you are on the go.

Lined with molded foam to keep the laser, charger and extra battery separate and to avoid damage from shakes and bangs.


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