PowerLaser Pro1500

The PowerLaser Pro1500 is a therapeutic laser for professional use.


The PowerLaser Pro1500 is used primarily for the treatment of medium size muscle groups or areas of the body. With three laser diodes, the PowerLaser Pro1500 adds more energy, which means you do not need to move the laser as often during the treatment.


With individual settings for time and effect and nine different program options, The PowerLaser Pro gives you the freedom to tailor your therapy to each individual patient. The desired program is selected by sliding your finger across the slide bar – and a light indicates which program has been selected.  Almost like an iPhone.


The PowerLaser Pro includes HiFi sound – each program has its own individual tone so you can hear which program has been selected.


Built-in vibration (like the one in a cell phone) – a discrete vibration lets both the patient and the user know that the laser is active. You can feel that the laser is on, is treating the area and has an effect. 


All sound and vibration settings can be preprogrammed for the individual user – the output can be selected and the different functions can be turned off. The PowerLaser Pro can be set to fit your exact preferences.


Included with the PowerLaser Pro is an extra battery so you always have one that is charged and you have the option of switching to a fully charged battery before starting a treatment.


The PowerLaser Pro is also offered in a 500 mW version

PRO 1500 specifications

Laser class 3B 
Number of laser diodes  3
Treatment area Medium size
Laser wavelength  808 nm 
Laser output power 300-1500 mW 
Programs 9
Length  9 in
Width 1 ½ in
Weight (including battery) 7 oz
Battery capacity (Li) 1 hour
Recharge time 2 hours 


About the PowerLaser series

The PowerLaser series is designed with a focus on user friendliness, ergonomic use, as well as a simple, stylish and aesthetic Scandinavian design. This means greater satisfaction for the user and it signals professionalism.


The PowerLasers are class 3B lasers, which WALT recommends for therapeutic use, and they are HyperPulsed™. This means that the energy is delivered in impulses with a higher output power. This ensures a deeper penetration and a more effective therapy without a risk of burn – which is beneficial to your results and your patient's satisfaction.


PowerLasers run on batteries, which ensures greater freedom for both the practitioner and the patient when selecting the position and the treatment location. The PowerLaser can be used with one hand, and mobile users are able to bring the laser with them to the treatment location.


The PowerLasers come standard with Lithium Ion batteries, as they last and run longer.


The PowerLasers come with a 3-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects.



Annex V, section 3.2 – Production Quality Assurance. EN 60601-2-22:1996.

93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

Class 2a medical devices.

Class 3B laser products.


The PowerLaser is CE certified for the following indications:

  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Epicondylitis
  • Myofascial pain
  • Wound healing


The PowerLaser is FDA approved for the following:

  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm
  • Temporary increase in local blood circulation
  • Temporary relaxation of muscles 


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