catharine-150x150I first came across the PowerLaser during a visit to a practitioners’ office. I asked how she used it, and she told me she uses it for her clients and her horses. I was very intrigued and went home and read about the laser. I called Arne at PowerMedic and we agreed to a meeting at my clinic where he told me about the laser. Then I was HOOKED!

I bought a PowerLaser PRO and attended a very interesting introductory seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark. Afterwards, I signed up for another seminar where we learned how to use the laser for different treatments.

"I’ve now had my PowerLaser for about a year and a half, and I simply CANNOT live without it."


sussers fodterapiI started my clinic of podiatry in 1975. When the customer is sitting in the chair having their feet treated, the conversation often turns to other physical problems that they are having, and this way I developed an interest in the human being as a whole and wanted to help in other ways.

In 1996, I graduated as a craniosacral therapist and started relieving various muscle and skeletal problems, headaches, migraines, and much more.

At a podiatry exhibition, I met PowerMedic and immediately got interested in laser therapy for the treatment of warts and inflamed nail ridges. I had not been able to do much for those conditions with the resources I had available at the time.

“Once I had the laser in house, it was used diligently both in the foot clinic and as a supplement in the craniosacral therapy, especially for jaw tension and tennis elbow.”

Since 1996, the excellent control of three “revolutionary therapeutic tools” allows for a complete recovery of the above mentioned pathologies reputed to be incurable since times immemorial.

To the generally proposed drug therapies which are most of the time expensive, toxic and rarely effectual, we could from now on offer to 10% of the affected and often desperate population (18% women and 6% men) a proven, long lasting or permanent solution, which is all benefit for the patient and consequently for society as well.

The introduction of the GIGALASER in my medical practice will without any doubt dramatically increase my capacity to take on still more patients and with a smoother therapeutic pathway.

Ron-NatThe PowerLaser Pro - by PowerMedic of Denmark

Lasers are rapidly giving the modern health practitioner options for therapy that could only have been imagined in the past. For example, an acupuncturist today has the choice of whether to use only needles for meridian therapy or to offer their patients painless laser treatment.

The PowerLaser Pro, from PowerMedic of Denmark, is perhaps one of the best examples of how new technology is transforming our current understanding and implementation of healthcare.

Besides its professional-grade, heavy-duty manufacture, it also provides the user with three unique properties which make it both a pleasure to use and an effective therapeutic device in everyday practice.