PowerMedic offers various courses and events for those who either want to be introduced to laser therapy or just want to learn more about it. There is also the opportunity to participate in the experience exchange events for practitioners. The courses are described briefly below. See more in the list of events and register online.

Introduction to laser therapy

Introduction to laser therapyLaser therapy is becoming more widespread and is now a natural part of treatment in many different patient groups. By applying laser therapy in addition, you get the following advantages among many:

  • Faster and more effective treatment
  • Better wellbeing for patients
  • Positive publicity and more clients
  • Ergonomic benefits as a practitioner

But what does laser therapy do? We explain it in a simple and understandable way on the seminar "Introduction to laser therapy." You'll gain an understanding of the laser, a clear picture of what the laser does to the tissue, and an eye-opening experience of how laser supplies energy to the cells. In addition, you will experience at first hand how to use laser therapy combined with any treatment methods.

Super Experience Exchange

Super Experience ExchangeWe introduce a new type of seminar where we in addition to the teacher's supervision complements the exchange of participants' own practical experience.

Hence the name: Super Experience Exchange.

It is expected that each participant brings a case, ie. an example of a patient (or themselves) who they work with. It may be a case that is a little difficult, but uncomplicated cases are welcome too.

Participants will present their own case in turn, and everyone will get the opportunity to contribute with their suggested solutions.

The supervisor summarizes the suggestions and a roadmap for treatment. Then, one of the participants act as a patient and the treatment will be reviewed briefly.

During the seminar, the supervisor will make sure that the following points are covered:

  • How to make a diagnosis?
  • Which tests should be performed?
  • How to use the therapy manual?
  • The areas to be treated?
  • How long and how often?
  • How to establish a treatment plan?

Super Experience Exchange are offered initially in Copenhagen with Physical Therapist Anne Marie Jensen as a supervisor.