The Company

PowerMedic ApS has been developing advanced laser equipment for medical and therapeutic use in Denmark since 1982. At PowerMedic, we help people (and animals) to a better life. We help athletes with injuries to faster recovery, people with arthritis and chronic injuries to less pain and greater mobility, people with skin disorders and wounds to quicker healing, as well as couples with difficulties conceiving become pregnant, and much, much more.

This happens via biostimulating laser therapy. We develop, produce, market, and deliver therapeutic laser equipment that can accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

The company currently has seven employees at their headquarters in Holbaek, Denmark. The laser equipment is produced with parts from suppliers in Denmark and abroad.

The company is self-financing, and the founder, engineer Arne Grinsted, owns 100% of the business.

Today, PowerMedic is the leader on the Danish market for laser therapy equipment and one among only three manufacturers with a similar long history on the world market.

Today, the company exports to the Scandinavian countries and has an export share of about 50%.

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