The founder

14c8839Arne Grinsted has a master’s degree in electronic engineering and founded the company in 1982. His interest in technology and electronics runs in the family, his father and two brothers were all engineers.

Arne Grinsted is driven by a mission, a passion for helping people and contributing to world health. He has always had an interest in alternative medicine, and it all started in the early 1980’s when acupuncture took off in the Western world.

He bought a few acupuncture needles and started experimenting at home, treating himself and his family. In his home lab, he built a stimulator that applied electricity to the needles, which worked pretty well.

Things took off when Arne ran into an old friend from school, Kurt Winberg, who was creating a brand new college degree in biopathy. He wanted the students to learn how to use a super device with three functions: Measurement of the energy in acupuncture points, electro stimulation of the points, and laser therapy. Kurt asked Arne if he would be able to build such a device. It was a challenge that Arne could not turn down, and the work began. The result was a prototype of the Biotron 1000 in 1982, which became a success before the device was even done. The Biotron 1000 was introduced at an acupuncture conference where Arne was able to establish agreements to start exporting to Canada and other countries.

Today, Arne is very focused on the design of his products and this is where the product development always begins. The product is designed from the outside in, with an emphasis on the product being a tool that is simple, intuitive, easy to use, and nice-looking. Once the design is finalized, the electronics are built.

Arne Grinsted is a versatile person with a variety of hobbies. In his spare time, he enjoys such different activities as gospel, Argentine tango, and winter swimming.

Also, watch this video to learn more about Arne Grinsteds philosophies.

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