Skin Surface Problems

saar foer 200Different types of wounds, such as leg ulcers, bed sores, and wounds from surgery, can all be treated with laser therapy. As early as the 1960's, during experiments with mice, scientists discovered by coincidence that low doses of laser had healing effects on wounds. 

Here's an example from Brian, a nurse from Denmark: “In my profession, I do a lot of wound care, and I just finished the following course of treatment:

I took care of a gentleman, 80 years old, who had taken a fall and hurt his right shoulder. Initially, I administered traditional wound care products, in accordance with the treatment plan from the patient’s physician and the wound care clinic.

In total, the course of treatment took more than two years. During the course, infection in the wound occurred several times, and the gentleman was prescribed antibiotics, though they had little effect.

In the meantime, I started treating other wound patients with my laser and saw great results. I therefore contacted the patient’s physician and the wound care clinic to see if I could use my laser to treat his wounds. They approved, as long as I promised to document the effects of the treatment. After 7 weeks and 21 treatments, the wounds were healed 100%. I’m now in the process of treating two more wounds.”

Here is the wound after the end of the treatment: 

saar efter 200










For more information, we suggest reading the following meta analysis of earlier studies, which provides great insight into the possibilities of laser treatment of wounds: The Efficacy of Laser Therapy in Wound Repair


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